My Vegan Experiment Day 11 – Smoky Vegan Beet Burger

Hi there:

Thursday started out in a rush as I had volunteered to be the timekeeper at an 8:00a.m seminar. What was I thinking? It was my vacation.  I'm not a morning person and I don't even get to work that early.  But I digress.

I started out the day on the right foot.  Probably because I was still paying the price of last night's binge on cheese pizza.  I had my warm lemon water, my green tea, and oatmeal with almond butter. Then I was off.

After the morning seminar, I returned to my room, had a blueberry, strawberry banana smoothie, and got some work done.  Around 2:00p.m., I had the black bean and corn salad I had picked up from the market earlier in the week and some of the green salad.  Feeling virtuous and back on the wagon again, I headed out to the afternoon writing seminars.

That evening, I decided to head back to the Urbanspace Vanderbilt food court in search of dinner.  I stopped at the Two Tablespoons stand and picked up a vegan beet burger for dinner.  I was a bit apprehensive about ordering a vegan beet burger since  I tolerate but don't particularly love beets.  I decided to order the vegan beet burger anyway since it has received rave reviews on Yelp and elsewhere.

OMG, to refer to that dish as just a beet burger is to do it a disservice.  The Smoky Beet & Black Bean Burger at Two Tablespoons, which is served on a whole wheat bun and topped with homemade bbq sauce, corn & cabbage salad, baby arugula and pickles, is a creation from the gods.  It has to be in the top ten of any burger I've ever had, with or without meat.  It had the taste and texture of a real burger and was just as satisfying.  I'd ordered a side of roasted potatoes to go with the burger, but I didn't need them at all.  I will definitely have to get this again the next time I return to New York.

With the exception of the whole wheat bun, Day 11 was a great day for My Vegan Experiment.

Stay tuned for the revolt that happened on Day 12.