My Vegan Experiment Day 4 – Almond Banana Oatmeal

Hi there:

So, it's day 4 of following Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy You program and my seventh day of not having coffee. I'm happy to report that I haven't killed or snapped at anyone yet. In fact, I haven't been hungry and I don't even really miss meat all that much.  I miss how easy it is to throw together a lunch with a meat protein at the forefront, but I don't really miss meat per se.

I started out the day with CSY's recipe for almond banana oatmeal made with almond butter, almond milk, banana and cinnamon.  OMG, it was so good that I'm going to want to eat that for breakfast 7 days a week. Who knew?

The one thing that's already getting old is all the meal prep required on this program.  I'm going to have to prep more on the weekends to make this work and make a list of places I can grab ready made to go vegan meals I like.

This morning, I was a meal prep machine.  I dumped the ingredients for the almond banana oatmeal into one pot and warmed the lentil soup in another while I measured out trail mix, hummus, baby carrots and gluten free crackers and placed them in containers and baggies.  I did my hair then poured the hot soup into one thermos for lunch, poured the oatmeal into another, and packed them, my snacks and a tablespoon into my lunch bag. I ate the oatmeal at stoplights while driving to work and had the soup and crackers for lunch.

Unable to face cooking tonight, I stopped by a vegan restaurant and ordered a vegan burger on gluten free bread and two vegan bowls.  I'll take one of the vegan bowls to lunch with me tomorrow and have the other bowl for dinner.

Even though I had green tea instead of coffee, I felt more alert today than I've felt in a long time.  It's like someone turned on a switch inside me and the fog lifted away.

I got on the scale this morning and I was four pounds down.  I suspect it's all water weight since I finally picked up my diuretic medication from the doctor yesterday. One of my coworkers mentioned that I looked like I was losing weight in my face – in particular under my chin.  I looked in the mirror and I see what she means.  It could be my hairstyle, but I think do look a bit younger or something.  It's only been four days.  We're probably imagining things.

Overall, it was a good day, although I cheated with a gluten free coconut chocolate chip cookie.  I did, however, resist the temptation to eat the pizza served at the board meeting I attended today. Baby steps.

Let's see what tomorrow brings. I'm pretty sure it will bring more of that almond banana oatmeal.