LJ’s Recipes

oven baked fajitas

Welcome to LJ's recipes. In this section of my blog I'll share some of my favorite, tried and true recipes with you.  Some of them are recipes I've adapted from cookbooks and other sources that I've collected along the way and perfected through trial and error.  Some of them are Paleo diet compliant, others are Mediterranean diet compliant, and still others are old Weightwatchers recipes that I've adapted to my tastes.

To my mind, food must be well seasoned and flavorful if you expect someone to eat it.  Just because a dish is healthy and nutritious doesn't mean it can't be delicious.  I also believe that food should be appealing to the eye.  After all, we do eat with our eyes first.

Because I tend to be a bit lazy, I try not to cook food that requires a ton of effort.  I like one pot meals, things I can throw in the oven, and meals whose ingredients I can chop and drop into the slow cooker.  The picture above depicts oven baked chicken fajitas. It couldn't be easier and was surprisingly tasty.

I hope that you enjoy my recipes.  Feel free to modify them to suit your individual tastes.

Bon Apetit!