Crazy Sexy You Vegan

Crazy Sexy You Times Two – Day 1

Crazy Sexy You (second time around)

That's right. I'm going vegan, gluten free, and coffee free for three weeks starting today. It's my second round in Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy You program.

If you recall, I did this program last year. I learned a ton about food and health, lost 13 pounds in three weeks, and had several adventures in my attempt to stick with the program while traveling to New York for a week long writers conference. This year, I plan to do a more thorough job of chronicling the process.

The Crazy Sexy You program is designed to give your body a rest and a reset from all of,the toxic things we tend to put into it. I gained back those 13 pounds I lost over the last year and more because I failed to make healthy eating a lifestyle rather than an experiment.

This year, I'm trying something different. Although I probably won't remain vegan or gluten or coffee free after the program, I can incorporate some of the very tasty vegan meals, workouts, and meditations into my regular rotation. I can be more conscious of what I'm eating and where I get my meals from and refrain from driving through Burger King every morning for the largest breakfast burrito they have then topping that off with sugary coffee and wondering why I'm busting out of my clothes.

I can get into the habit of prepping my food over the weekend and bringing healthy leftovers and snacks to the office for lunch instead of ordering in and driving through at night because it's quick.

I can learn some tips,and tricks from the Crazy Sexy You materials and its Facebook community for speeding up meal prep and eating healthy on the go.

And I'm going to take you with me every step of the way. Buckle up – it's going to be one heck of a ride.



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