Welcome to L.J. Taylor’s Blog

L.J. Taylor

Hi there.  Welcome to L.J. Taylor's Blog.  Here you'll find posts relating to my journey to healthy living on a budget.   Specifically, you'll find everything from reviews of diet and exercise programs, fitness products, exercise videos, and natural remedies that I try, to weight loss tips and tricks, recipes, and so much more.

You'll laugh and cry with me (hopefully more laughing than crying and only tears of joy) as I take off my excess poundage for the second time and keep it off this time.

But this journey is not only about losing weight – it's about finding and maintaining a healthier lifestyle on a budget.  You'll be with me every step of the way as I research and uncover all the secrets of stress relief, lowering my blood pressure, bringing my bad cholesterol numbers down, and becoming more active and less sedentary without breaking the bank.  Together, we'll learn about eastern and western naturopathic and meditation practices, home remedies, natural beauty secrets, etc. and I'll be sure to pass on every money-saving tip I can think of and find out about along the way.

It's my sincere hope and desire that my journey will give people a few good ideas and maybe inspire them to embark on their own journeys.